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Empowering Possibilities, 
Transforming Ideas into Digital Realities

We can help you at all stages of your digitalisation journey. Sometimes support is needed at an early stage to put the strategy or plan forward, sometimes to procure, manage or implement a new system support. If you have come a long way in your digitalisation journey, you may need support to optimize the system and processes to have an even greater impact on your digitization journey. By combining strategic capability with rich experience in technology and solutions, we create digital advantage and long-term value.

Our services include:


  • Strategy - Designing a strategic blueprint for a new digitalisation journey.

  • Needs analysis - identifying and evaluating requirements, goals, and constraints to effectively address specific organizational challenges.

  • Procurement - managing the buying process according to your specific needs, budget and infrastructure.

  • Project management and implementation - planning, organizing, and executing activities to ensure the successful development, deployment, and integration of new systems.

  • Optimization - optimizing processes and systems to ensure that KPIs are realized.

Strategy and Change Management

The first phase before a change is strategy. Together with key people within your organization, we determine the strategic framework that a possible shift will follow. Our solid experience in strategy when changing business systems means that you get a secure foundation to start from when it is time for procurement and implementation.

As a first step, the current situation is mapped to your processes and systems that are currently part of your business. Strategic milestones are then defined with the help of a business case and your overall business needs. In many projects, we also carry out a market analysis, and possible strategic measures are identified and analyzed. This includes a definition of investments, external costs and internal resources. This initial phase results in a strategic plan for how you move forward towards your new business system. 


As with any technical project, managing expectations and communicating early and often are key. Change that feels sudden or forced can confuse workers and make them resistant or even suspicious of the new system, even when it offers features that can make their jobs easier. Change management is a key aspect that will determine the success of your project. The most important thing is, how well your people adapt to the digital transformation and the technological capabilities that you're trying to deploy throughout your organization. We assist in change management by managing employee experience, education and adoption of the new technology.


The three important steps we take in change management are:

1. Organizational Readiness Assessment

The first thing is to conduct an organizational readiness assessment. This is a way to understand how resistant people will be to change and what the root causes of that resistance will be. We help you in creating a communications plan for your employees about the upcoming changes and the benefits for the employees and organization. We conduct surveys, workshops and training to address and overcome resistance.

2. Change Impact Assessment

The second step is change impact assessment. The goal is to garner an understanding of how exactly jobs and roles/responsibilities are going to change. Change impacts need to be understood in a pretty granular level detail by all key stakeholders within the organization and be on the same page.

3. Create Change Strategy

We help you to create a change strategy that is unique to you and your business keeping in view your current and upcoming situation, project objectives, people, culture, etc. It’s important to recognize that change management goes so far beyond basic training and communications.

Needs analysis & procurement of a business system


An important part of the work with a new business system is the procurement itself. We have extensive experience and solid knowledge in the procurement of business systems. With us by your side, you simply get a smoother procurement with your interests and needs as the core focus.


We apply a fast, efficient and proven model in procurement. For a short time of a few days, we go through your processes and overall functional needs, and can then give suggestions for 2-3 systems that should be included in your selection process. Our process means that you get started quickly with your procurement and only need to focus on a few systems.


We help you kickstart your project! This is what we offer

  • System strategy

  • Pilot study

  • Needs summary and requirements specification

  • Evaluation of systems and suppliers

  • Choice of implementation partner

  • Negotiations and contract documents

Implementation & Project Management


Each system implementation is different because every organization has unique needs and goals. That is why one-size-fits-all system implementation doesn’t work. Our consultants have the experience and technical expertise to help you achieve a successful implementation within the specified timeline and budget.

The first step we take in system implementation is Goal Alignment. Identifying your corporate and departmental goals and the problems you are looking to solve with your new HCM system is paramount. What do you want your end-user experience to feel like? How can your new system support your plan for change and growth? Then, what analytics will you need to measure the progress of your objectives?

We assist in performing an analysis of your existing practices, identifying process inefficiencies and understanding downstream impacts allowing for improvements to streamline your processes and achieve better results. The bottom line is, that spending time on this now will significantly improve your experience with your new system once it is implemented.

The following steps outline our main roles and responsibilities in the implementation:

  1. Risk assessment

  2. Timeline and task monitoring

  3. Module configuration

  4. Workflow configuration and notification matrix

  5. Configuration of analytics and dashboards

  6. Loading of data

  7. Integration with external systems like payroll, workforce management systems etc


Our project management will help you avoid

  • Lack of control of the deliveries in the project - both regarding the supplier and internally at the customer

  • Lack of focus on the change process


Benefit Realization and Optimization of your system


Once your new system is up and running, the investment will begin to be repaid. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the KPIs established in the investment analysis and benefit assessment are realized. We help you in the realization of the KPIs and fulfil if any gaps are still present or further change management if required to increase adoption of the system.

It is also important to continuously upgrade and optimize the system after it has been in operation for some time due to many reasons like expansion, redefined business strategies or changed HR processes or even technological developments. During the optimization phase, we support you with:​

  • System review 

  • Benchmark to identify possible improvement

  • Advice and installation of upgrade

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