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Digisource is a young and agile software solutions and consulting company based in Stockholm. The goal is to provide digital transformation beyond transaction based systems and help improve  decision making by leveraging on Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. 


​Digisource was established in 2015 in Stockholm. Digisource founders bring in more than 20 years of individual experience as leaders in tech and HR industries in Sweden and internationally. In her young career, Digisource has successfully developed and implemented game changing AI driven solution in the cloud.

We at Digisource always believe that technology works to achieve business goals. We work closely with our customers to understand their business goals first and then map them to an appropriate solution. We also believe in empowering our customers through adequate knowledge transfer. Read more about our services

INNOVATION DRIVES DIGISOURCE and we have adopted Artificial Intelligence and Robotics as the corner of our digital transformation solutions. We are bold and confident to confront existing solutions and try out new ideas to evaluate future potential.

Digisource's consulting services rests on a STRONG PROJECT MANAGEMENT MODEL and which adheres to quality norms. We carry out audits during the critical stages and are able to provide independent insight into the ongoing project deliveries. To provide complete TRANSPARENCY, all projects are managed though online project management tools to give our clients full visibility as well as improved collaboration. We put in place multilevel SLA’s that defines every aspect of project management and delivery.

Digisource takes stringent measures to PROTECT OUR CUSTOMERS DATA and our Intellectual Property as per GDPR guidelines. Data protection and privacy are a critical necessity at Digisource, we have put in place a structure that clearly determines who has access to the information and how much. We have an established confidentiality policy in our company manual.

We believe that higher CUSTOMER SATISFACTION leads to customer retention and growth. To ensure that work is progressing in the right direction, Digisource works closely with our clients and conducts regular customer surveys measuring customer satisfaction.

QUALITY is an important part of the daily lives of everyone at Digisource. It is central to the development & deliveries made to the customer, but also to ensure that all processes work well. Quality is is a common responsibility of everyone at Digisource. 

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